Set hidden away from the daily hustle and bustle of Bali’s ‘it’ spot Canggu, lays the salon to be seen - Jet Black Ginger.

Melbourne born hair stylist Rianni Hustler is the woman behind this new spectacular salon. Rianni leads her team of both western and Indonesian trained Hair & Beauty therapists to deliver all she knows about the hair & beauty world. Rianni was formally trained in Melbourne CBD. After completing her apprenticeship she moved onto opening her own salon ‘Hidden Minx’ another beautiful tucked away gold mine in the the heart of Melbourne.
Being half Balinese herself, Rianni’s path finally lead her back to her roots, Bali. Where the vision of Jet Black Ginger was born.

Jet Black Ginger opened in September 2017. Since opening the doors Rianni has had a consistent influx of both expat and tourist clientele. She was the new salon on the block and everyone was excited to try.

When Rianni decided to open her own little salon here in Canggu, she approached the best of the best interior designers on the island. She had everything customised and hand made here in Bali. 
The salon’s aesthetic is one of those ‘wow’ moments as soon as you walk in the door. Jet Black Ginger gave Canggu exactly what it was missing, an exciting hip new space to be pampered in from head to toe. From raw cement walls with navy feature walls, to custom brass geometric wall art. A dark wooden stair case with brass chain features flowing up to the very top. You then enter the second floor, another utterly stunning space. You will find the comfort of pink & emerald green velvet clam shell chairs to completely lose yourself in while indulging to one of our signature rose petal sea salt pedicures. Our most recent interior addition is our new LED lighting feature on the wall that reads ‘ wine me, dine me, sixty nine me’. After you think you’ve seen it all, your eyes gaze up to the 2x4 metre lighting fixture that hangs from the loft style roof. The overall feeling of the salon is nothing short of amazing