we will let you know when we re open after Covid-19 subsides. 
Join us every Sunday for our favourite special of the week! 
We encourage you and your bestie to come in for manicures & pedicures to spend some quality pamper time together for half of the price! 
Here's how it works: 
  1. Book in for one manicure and pedicure of your choice ( regular polish, gel, SNS or acrylic tips )
  2. Tell us you've got your bestie coming 
  3. Your bestie will receive the exact same manicure & pedicure as you've booked in FREE of charge. 
  4. By EXACT SAME manicure & pedicure we don't mean you have to choose the same colour as one and other, we simply just mean you both must have the same finishings e.g. regular polish, gel polish etc etc. 
  5. If you and your bestie have a different taste in finishing e.g.: you booked regular polish but she / he wants gel polish or wants nail art added you will be asked to pay the difference.


Terms & Conditions Apply 

You must book in for both a manicure and pedicure  for yourself to receive the "FREE" deal for your bestie. 

You must bring your bestie the same time and day as you, this offer can not accumulate and be used at separate times nor can it be transferred to a voucher or salon credit. 

You will be asked to pay for removal of any old gel, SNS or acrylic nails / polish.

As we generally fill up very quickly on Sundays, we do often at times have people sit on our first level in the pink mermaid chairs as we are full on our second level if this is something you do not wish to happen please notify the reception team when booking that you would only like to sit on the second level. ( please note: this can sometimes be the difference between getting a appointment or not, so please do not get mad if we can not fit you in upstairs.)